We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who contributed to our Peace Worldwide Organization campaign to buy shoes for the orphans in Siirt, Turkey. 

It was especially needed in the Winter months, and we collectively were able to provide Kadir Ozdemir - PWO Social Ambassador with the resources he needed to aid the children with shoes during that time frame. Kadir continues to see the orphans and provide for them on a regular basis, as he was once an orphan himself and now a talented videographer.  

Helping children helps plant seeds for the future! Kadir is remarkable proof of one who overcame, conquered and followed his dreams.

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Peacegiving Luncheon 2013

khou11 (Great Day Houston) with Deborah Duncan

Peace Walk 2013 January 26, 2013
sponsored by the University of Houston Student Government Association

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Peacegiving Luncheon November 11th, 2012
Photos courtesy of Joe Melchor

Peacegiving Luncheon November 20, 2011 Honoring UNICEF
Photos courtesy of Joe Melchor