Peace Worldwide Organization's Mission

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Our Mission is to promote freedom and peace for all humanity. United, we CAN create a world free from the scourges of war, oppression, and persecution.

Peace Worldwide Organization's Founder
Mehdi Alavi, Ph.D.
Peace Worldwide Organization Founder

and Author
The Founder of Peace Worldwide Organization is Dr. Mehdi Alavi, whose commitment is to pursue everlasting world peace and world order. Such a commitment propels our organization to move forward in achieving such significant objectives for the 21st Century. 

Dr. Alavi’s interest in freedom and human rights stems from personal experiences, in which family members were tortured for political views and killed in war. His dual perspective of life, living in the East and West, coupled with his wealth of international work experience, has influenced him to become even more passionate about the various global issues that must be resolved in order to improve human rights and world peace. 

Dr. Alavi fervently advocates world peace realization and the education of peaceful political alternatives that can positively impact democracy and the world forever. He believes that peace starts with each of us and when a sufficient number of us truly realize peace within, peace will permeate throughout the world. He holds that we are all connected to one another and a change in any one of us affects all of us.

Dr. Alavi has authored books addressing freedom, democracy, and world peace. He resides in the United States and has been married to his wife for over forty-five years, raising four children. 

You may contact us for specific Peace Worldwide Organization questions, comments, partnership opportunities, employment opportunities, and other inquiries with our Public Relations Division via our official Peace Worldwide Organization Email Address: info@peaceworldwide.org

Peace Worldwide Organization

Peace Worldwide Organization's Trustees
Email at Mehdi.Alavi@peaceworldwide.org

Dr. Mehdi Alavi
Co-Chair, Trustee, and Founder

Co-Chair and Trustee

Peace Worldwide Organization's Trustees

Ambassador-At-Large: Sara Alavi
Ambassador for East Africa: Joe Kamau
Ambassador for Americas: Open
Ambassador for Europe: Open
Ambassador for Asia: Open
Ambassador for Middle East: Open

Peace Worldwide Organization (P.W.O.) is a non-partisan, non-religious, and non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the masses to strive in the quest for freedom and peace for ALL humanity.

Peace Worldwide Organization Principles

The organization advocates the following five principles:

Unity of Mankind
Knowing that we are all one people on this earth.
Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul.
Saadi, translated by M. Aryanpoor

Highest Ethical Standards
Choosing the highest ethical standards even if the laws, rules and regulations are relaxed, ignored, or do not exist

Human Equality
Respecting others regardless of sex, race, religion, ethnicity, and nationality

Majority rule in which minorities enjoy the same rights and privileges

Creating a civilized world free from the scourges of war, oppression, and persecution

The organization expects all Board Members, Management, Staff, Chapter Membership, and associates to adhere to these principles.