The United States Can be a Global Peace-maker

The permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) —United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), France, China, and Russia— stockpile offensive chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons. They arm other nations and have military presence in other countries. They give military aid to belligerent groups and participate in military alliances. Instead of leading the world to global peace and security, they are amongst the first to violate their commitments to the United Nations (UN), making them the world’s worst troublemakers.

According to SIPRI, they were collectively responsible for about 80 percent of world’s weapon exports in 2019. The US arms exports constituted nearly 40-percent of the world’s arms exports, far more than that of any others. Thus, the US remained by far the world’s biggest arms exporter, the world’s worst trouble-maker among all nations.

The EU records are not good, either. The EU, along with the US, supports the most oppressive regimes and spends the most on the means of destruction. Together, they remain as the largest suppliers of arms in conflicts. In Iraq, they armed Iraqi government and managed to smuggle weapons to its sworn enemy, the opposition rebels. In Libya, they armed the Libyan government and those forces that rose against it. In Syria, they supported numerous rebel forces aimed to topple the Syrian government, which led to the rise of ISIS. Consequently, Iraq, Libya, and Syria remained major theaters of conflicts with foreign fighters armed and supported mainly by the US, the EU, and their allies.

None of the EU countries are peaceful. Even Switzerland, which is portrayed as neutral with the world’s best watches and chocolate, is a trouble-maker. The country protects tyrants and thieves who blunder the wealth of their countries and deposit them in Swiss banks; thus, it is contributing to global corruption and anarchy. Militarily, it is the world’s 12th largest arms exporter. Along with the US and other EU countries, its arms recipients include Saudi Arabia, which has been bombing Yemen since 2015. Yemen has consequently become “the world's worst humanitarian crisis”.

5 Easy Steps for the United States to Lead Global Peace

The US as the world’s superpower is in the best position to lead global peace. It is the US moral duty to facilitate peace among nations. To achieve global peace, the US must take these actions:

1.     Military Reduction. The US military spending constitutes nearly 40-percent of that of the whole world, nearly equal to the combined 10 next largest military spending countries. It is over 2 times of China and Russia, combined. The US military has been informally aligned with the defense industry. This alignment encourages military expansion, resulting in further arms production. If the US reduces its military spending, it will enable ALL Americans to pay less taxes and use the funds to better their own lives. For global peace, I suggest the US reduces its military spending! 

2.     Arms Exports. To sustain the arms expansion, the US requires arms exports. The US arms exports constitutes nearly 40-percent of the world arms exports, far more than the combined 4 next largest arms exporting countries. The US arms, exports keep being major contributors to the global instability and repression. They support brutal regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and others, causing countless deaths, refugees, and destruction. They make the US the world worst trouble-maker. Arms exports must be stopped for it supports oppression. For Global peace, I suggest the US stops Arms exports!

3.     Arms Control. The US must use its position at the UN to work with the UK, France, China, and Russia to implement a verifiable way to bring arms under control. The negotiations must include the following weapons:

a.      Conventional

b.     Chemical

c.      Biological

d.     Radiological

e.      Nuclear

For global peace, I suggest the US leads global arms control.

4.     Military Alliances. The US must use its position at the UN to work with the UK, France, China, and Russia to dissolve all military alliances, which are threatening to other countries not in any alliance. For global peace, I suggest the US initiates a movement to dissolve all military alliances threatening to other nations!

5.   Public Participation. In democracy like in the US, the power to govern rests with the people. Simply, People are the power behind the government. Therefore, we must assume responsibility for all our government’s actions. We must question our government on issues and vote by our conscious for the candidates who stand for world peace. It is only then that our government begins to act responsibly, not just on international affairs but also domestic policies. For global peace, I suggest we hold our government accountable!

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May peace be with you!

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