Universally Mastering the Basics is Paramount in any Relief From COVID-19

Regardless of the vaccine, quarantine, and testing, we must continue working together to beat this coronavirus. The vaccine reduces severity, but it is not 100 percent guaranteed and we may still get infected by other strains. Therefore, we must continue mastering the established protocols to protect ourselves and others.

Covid-19 is a global pandemic. This outbreak has spread over a large geographic area, countries, continents, and the world, affecting a large number of people. It continues to threaten. It threatens all populations and people worldwide if not brought under control. We all have a role to play to help reduce the spread and protect our global citizens.

In 2019, COVID-19 began in China, but spread within months across the world, causing millions of deaths. So far, it has infected over 105 million people and caused over 2.2 million deaths across the world. The United States leads the world in both infection, with over 27 million, and deaths ranging to over 467,000.

Well before the vaccine, we may learn lessons from countries with the lowest COVID-19 infection and death rates. They include Taiwan, Vietnam, Fiji, New Zealand, and numerous other countries, where the authorities aggressively enforce wearing masks, early screening, contact tracing, travel policies, and who implement quarantine.   

Nevertheless, we must work together to overcome this virus by faithfully mastering these well-established four protocols:

1.     Properly Wearing Masks. Wearing a mask shows we visibly care for others. It protects ourselves and prevents them getting it from us. Near other people, we must properly keep our masks on all the time. When around others, we must kindly speak out to encourage others to cover both their mouths and noses with their masks.

2.     Observing Social Distancing. If we stay close to infected persons, even in silence long enough, we may also contract the virus. We should stay far from other people since they initially won’t know that they are infected. The 6-foot distance protocol is the minimum, but 11 feet or more distancing is preferable.  

3.     Sanitizing Hands. Whenever we are outside of our home, we must wash our hands frequently. If we touch anything, we must avoid touching our face until our hands are thoroughly washed with soap and water. For me, I lather my hands with soap and water while slowly counting from one thousand one up to one thousand twenty. Washing hands for 20 seconds, with soap and water, is a minimum recommendation.

4.     Staying Home. The best way to stay safe from the virus is to stay home, but if we must go to work, the store, or wherever else, we must keep masks on properly and observe social distancing, especially when we are in an enclosed building and around people. Stay home, if you can.

If we join together to master these basics and follow the above established four steps, we are on our way to overcoming COVID-19. This all comes down to loving oneself and others.

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May peace be with you!

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