Bloodbath in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

The United Nations’ Security Council has declared Israel an occupying force as it has taken control of Gaza’s air, sea and nearly all land borders. The occupation has deprived the Gazans from enjoying basic human rights. By the Fourth Geneva Convention, Israel was obliged to protect the occupied Gazans due to its presence in the territory. Instead, Israel has subjected the Gazans to continuous harassment, collective punishment, and severe travel restriction. Furthermore, years of off-and-on negotiations have gone nowhere in freeing the Palestinians from the Israeli yoke. To attain freedom, Gazans feel forced to resist the occupation by all means.
In this recent conflict, Hamas has fired over 3,000 rockets into Israel and Israel has disproportionately retaliated with over 4,500 airstrikes onto the densely populated Gaza. Over 1,850 Palestinians and 65 Israelis have been killed. Of the 65 Israelis killed only a few were civilians. On the contrary, the United Nations reported that at least 72 percent of the Palestinians killed were women and children. The UN shelters and schools were not even spared. According to Human Rights Watch, Israeli forces have even deliberately killed Gazan civilians who were fleeing the potential areas of conflict, thereby violating the international laws of war.
The disproportionate killings of the Palestinians by Israelis would not have been possible without the support of the United States, United Kingdom, and their Arab clients in the Middle East. American politicians continue to support the Israelis despite widespread protests across the United States in support of Gazan human rights. In contrast, some British politicians have shown courage to stand against a once mighty Britain. "[Israeli assaults] are disproportionate, ugly and tragic and will not do Israel any good in the long run," said London Mayor Boris Johnson who is seen as a possible future successor to Britain Prime Minister David Cameron.
Oppression strengthens the moral resolve of the oppressed but destroys any trace of morality in the oppressor. The “When Genocide is Permissible” article in the Jerusalem-based online newspaper, The Times of Israel, was withdrawn due to widespread international protests but it demonstrated Israel’s moral decline due to the oppression of the Palestinians. Israeli aggression is not only counterproductive but also demoralizes its own nation.
Today, Israel justifies its actions by claiming that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Such a claim is hypocritical for both sides have blood on their hands. Hamas’ indiscriminate firing of rockets into Israel terrorizes some innocent Israelis and Israel’s disproportionate retaliations kill many innocent Gazans. It is time to pause, forgive, and negotiate to end the horrific cycle of conflict once for all!

Dr. Mehdi Alavi, President
Peace Worldwide Organization

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