Iran Drone Episode

According to a recent survey by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, 67 percent of Americans, considering costs versus benefits, believe that the Iraq war was not worth fighting for and 70 percent believe that it has worsened American relations with the Muslim world. As for Afghanistan, only 18 percent believe that the United States is safer from terrorism today due to its action in that poor country. Coached by the military industrial complex, American politicians favor the potential armed conflict with Iran.
President Obama must be applauded that he did not militarily react to Iran firing shots at a U.S.A. drone in the Persian Gulf. The Israeli push for the toughness against Iran is a ploy to divert the world attention from the Palestinian plight.
It is a no brainer that much of terrorism is powered by radicalized Muslims due to the way Palestinians are being treated. The arbitrary arrests, collective punishments, and land confiscation inflicted on the Palestinians fume the Muslim masses. Although the main media would like for Obama to deal with Iran as his most important challenge, I would like to see that the Obama Administration would consider the Israeli-Palestinian peace as its first diplomatic priority. I believe that such a treaty would pacify the Muslim world, especially the Middle Eastern countries. Ultimately, it would reduce terrorism by radicalized Muslims.
As far as negotiating with the Iranians, hiding behind the P5+1 is not a solution. Obama should ignore the war-mongers and Iran-haters; America should directly negotiate with Iran. Force is not a solution! There are many items to toss in the negotiation for tradeoffs, including lifting of the sanctions for the exchange of limiting the uranium enrichment to 20 percent that Iran needs for its medical research.
The Afghanistan and Iraq wars have tarnished America’s prestige. We could have learned some lessons. If we want to get into the people’s hearts, we don’t kill their loved ones. We must show compassion and love.  We must realize that we are one people on this beautiful earth, and we need one another to achieve peace and harmony. We don’t need another war; what we need is for America to sit and talk with Iran. 

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