Peace Worldwide Ambassador on Rights in Saudi Arabia

I am Sara Alavi, Peace Worldwide Ambassador.  I am encouraged by the recent political decision in Saudi Arabia. 
“We refuse to marginalize the role of women in Saudi society,” Saudi King Abdullah said on Sunday, September 25, 2011. His Majesty deserves recognition for his long overdue courageous decision in a country that historically yields to a very narrow interpretation of Islam. Saudi women will be able to participate in municipal elections starting in 2015.
Saudis, men and women, are subjected to the most strict interpretation. Until a few years ago, even men did not have many political rights. This extremism has produced terrorists like Bin Laden.
"Muslim women in our Islamic history have demonstrated positions that expressed correct opinions and advice," King Abdulla acknowledged. In a land that its Prophet worked for a woman and has produced some of the world’s greatest women in history, it is time for permitting, recognizing, and acknowledging their contributions. 
The Arab Spring is rapidly progressing in the Middle East. The 2015 token of rights may be too limited and too late in a region that is moving forward fast! We ask His Majesty King Abdullah to PROMPTLY restore FULL political rights to ALL Saudis, regardless of gender, and set all political prisoners free. We think by taking such a moral action, His Majesty will bring honor to the Kingdom. 

Salaam Alaikum. May peace be with you!