Wahhabism and International Terrorism

Americans must be concerned with Wahhabi threat for 150 to 200 of the ISIS terrorists are reportedly Americans who could return home and cause harm far worse than that of 9/11.
In 2013, the European Parliament issued a report identifying Wahhabism as the source of international terrorism. Wahhabism can be seen in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), al-Qaeda, al-Nusrat, Talaban, al-Shabaab, and Boko Haram. Also, the nineteen terrorists who crashed two commercial planes into the World Trade Center in New York in 2001 held this belief. If we are serious about resolving Wahhabi terrorism, we must seek the root of the problem, which is primarily based in Saudi Arabia.
The ISIS invasion of Iraq is not a Sunni-Shia conflict as stated by United States’ President Obama and international media. It is a conflict between the Wahhabi terrorists and the world. To characterize ISIS’ occupation as a Sunni-Shia conflict is completely irresponsible for it would generate tension between the Sunni and minority-Shia communities across the world.
The mass killing of Sunnis by ISIS within the Sunni Triangle testifies that Wahhabi extremists are not Sunnis despite ISIS’ claim. If Islam truly means peace, then they cannot be Muslims either. ISIS fighters, like other Wahhabi extremist, hate Christians, Jews, and other non-Wahhabis.
In 2010, the United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton stated that Saudi Arabia is a “critical source of terrorist funding” (The Guardian December 5, 2010). The solution to the terrorism is not to attack Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, or other countries but rather to convince the Persian Gulf Arab States, especially the Saudi Kingdom, that it is in their own interest to treat international terrorism as a top priority.

Dr. Mehdi Alavi, President
Peace Worldwide Organization

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“If we don't end war, war will end us.”
by H. G. Wells

You can't say civilization don't advance... in every war they kill you in a new way.
Will Rogers

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
― Albert Einstein

Let us to unify beyond our political and religious inherited thoughts for the perpetuation of peace and solidarity. Only Military operation against brutal religious and political violence, campaigns with separate visions, conversation only for suggestions, or the political and religious demonstration, are not enough at all, to prevent the massacres by terrorism and war.

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http://www.change.org/petitions/a-policy-for-united-nation-to-reduce-the-cost-of-the-war-on-terrorism-unify-all-the-religious-definitions-within-scientific-insight-and-history .

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Presently, the achievements of scientific insight are resurrecting beyond the process of Nature, and the graces of spirituality are descending to a dangerous abyss.

In fact, the definitions of all the leading world religions are based on their contemporary needs, to help human being to evolve under Natural process on basis of peace and solidarity, not to obtain the narcissus and terrestrial bliss among the rot of massacre.

Our money and gun power are not potential enough to combat the thoughts of terrorism that conceals their sins behind religious narcissism that enthralled in mazes of terrestrial and political issues.

To prevent the rise of terrorism, we’ll have to clarify the roots of faith and the facts of the materialism disgracing all believers and atheist alike. Till now, we are destroying the embodiment of terrorism, ignoring its brutal ideology still invincible before the entire world.

It had been always lethal to write or address in favor or against the institutionalized faith of human being divided by several religious and political strictures. For a “unanimous conclusion” to tackle the clashes between religion and state, theism and atheism, PLEASE SIGN AND PROMOTE THIS PETITION to prevent the further rise of hate religious campaigns and rescue humanity from the shadow of Nuclear weapons.


Dear Sir/Ma’am,‎

The whole world is now being threatened by terrorism. ‎Most people do not know the roots of this terrorism, that ‎is, the one committed by ISIS and sisters. There are ‎many in the news media who have been misleading the ‎public by shifting the blame to this and that, hiding the ‎truth with which they are fully familiar.‎

I have written a 34-page research about Wahhabism ‎which I extracted from a number of classic sources in ‎Arabic and English. It is an in-depth dissertation about ‎the founder of Wahhabism which lies at the roots of ‎terrorism nowadays. Wahhabism is espoused, funded ‎and promoted by the corrupt rulers of Saudi Arabia and ‎other Gulf states. These corrupt rulers enjoy the full ‎support and protection of the Western powers in general ‎and that of the U.S. in particular. The latter support and ‎protect these rotten governments in exchange for ‎keeping the oil market flooded with cheap oil, and they ‎use them as tools to create what is called “constructive ‎chaos” so that “Israel” may remain the dominant power ‎in the region. Israel and the U.S. bear the responsibility ‎for the terrorism that is plaguing our world these days, ‎and this cancer will gradually devour the same folks who ‎planted it in both Syria and Iraq, just wait and see.‎

Western societies blindly believe in the news media ‎which has for years been misleading them, and there is ‎no way to reverse this status quo. These societies are ‎unaware of the fact that this media is managed and ‎directed by International Zionism, that the Jews now ‎have the upper hand over the foreign policies of most ‎Western governments, especially the U.s. and Europe. ‎Some of these governments are directly responsible for ‎creating terrorist organizations, such as al-Qaeda having ‎been created by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of ‎the U.S., and ISIS is nothing but another face of this ‎terrorist organization which is also supported by the U.S. ‎government although the latter claims it is fighting it ‎while, in all reality, it is using it as its tool to achieve ‎certain regional objectives on top of which is ensuring ‎that Israel remains the “superpower” in the Middle East. ‎Those who play with fire will sooner or later be burnt by ‎it, and this is what is now happening to the U.S. and ‎Europe: They created “Israel” and are now creating ‎terrorist groups that serve their objective of keeping this ‎‎“Israel” safe and secure at the expense of the safety and ‎security of the Arab countries, the world and their own ‎selves. In other words, they created the Frankenstein ‎which they can no longer control it.‎

You are free to use the information in this file as you see ‎fit, and I encourage you to circulate it to the mostly ‎misled and brain-washed people, those whom the news ‎media has been brain-washing for so many years.‎

So, if you would like to receive my research in PDF ‎format, just write me; my email is: ‎yasinaljibouri@hotmail.com.‎

Have a great day.‎


Yasin T. al-Jibouri
writer, author, editor, translator/interpreter and publisher ‎at self
Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.‎

Survivors of terrorist attacks go through lots of pain & sufferings in their entire life. Dependents of victims suffer a lot. Result of terrorism is only sufferings. This planet could be saved when peace prevails. I request the people who fund & encourage terrorism to think about it.

The creation of the murderous ISIS is a slur to Islam. Whoever it is they will face the wrath of Almighty Allah (SWT). Muslims who living as minorities in non-Muslim countries are facing real hardship, they are subjected to racial attacks and are treated by the majority communnity in their respective countries; they are humiliated and their voices are muted. They are made to live in fear of racial attacks; minorities have become vulnerable now due to the hateful actions of ISIS and other terrorists organizations mentioned in the above article. Turkey has to take the lead now. Muslims living in non-Muslim state look forward to Turkey and its leaders to take the lead and help the minorities by raising the voice politically and otherwise. If not, they are answerable to Almighty Allah for not helping them to lead a dignified lives in their respective countries. All Guidance from Allah

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Peace and love

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What you perceive as terrorism is not it in true sense. It is manipulated by the anti- islamic forces to malign it. It is really a struggle, dissent and a self-less sacrifice in the way of Allah afaist those who are oppressing islam and its adherents

As I will say its shame for you people to say like that Because I am also wahabi but I hate isis Because they are terrist and we want peace not war

no wonder your blog fills with hatred and spreading propaganda towards muslims who practices way of prophets(sunni) and you simply labels them as wahabis.clearly, you shia hates them so much.

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