“Black Lives Matter”

Throughout the United States, there are large protests in support of Black Lives Matter (BLM). In response to the 2013 acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, BLM was formed to challenge racial injustice against Blacks. It advocates non-violent civil disobedience protests, whenever police brutality incurs against Blacks. BLM received national attention for the 2014 protests in Ferguson, near the city of St. Louis, for the death of Michael Brown and the protests in New York City for the death of Eric Garner.
Slavery, bondage, and oppression in various forms are still prevalent across the world. American-Blacks continue experiencing discrimination across the US and are targeted for abuse by the police. According to the Washington Post, blacks are “2.5 times as likely as white Americans to be shot and killed by police officers."
Of course, all lives matter but not all of us are being equally subjected to discrimination and other human rights violations. Presently, the issue remains that blacks are continuously being targeted for discrimination, harassment, brutality, and other abuses. Family provides a good analogy. All members in a family matter, but, when one is sick with fever, the family turns attention to that one. If one of the healthy family members cries that we all matter, the family considers it out of place, insensitive and selfish. If a single home in our neighborhood is on fire, are we going to give attention to that home on fire or cry that all homes matter?
In the Americas, the Native Americans have been brutalized and murdered since the arrival of the first white people in their territories. Millions were already massacred before the first group of black slaves put foot in the Americas. That is the continent’s chronic illness and must be addressed once the present situation returns to normal. Right now, BLACK LIVES MATTER remains the burning issue. Even the Natives are supporting Black Lives Matter.
We are all born free; thus, we must continue living free. No individual, group, or nation has rights to enslave our beings, keep us in bondage, and limit our activities where they do not infringe upon the rights of others. The law of nature, first noted by Greeks and Romans, expanded by Muslims, and later by Christians, demands that we must not wish for others what we do not wish for ourselves.
Right now, we must stand for “Black Lives Matter”. We must open our hearts to this cry for justice and provide equal opportunities. We must all join together to correct the wrong. The process starts with each one of us. It begins with in our own family, community, and peer group. We must assume responsibility for our conversations, dialogues, and actions instilled within our family, peers, colleagues, communities, and friends. We must not laugh, condone, support, talk or joke with any racist undertone. We must expect our judges and security forces, such as the police to be retrained to treat all people with respect equally.
Sa'adi, the great thirteenth century Persian poet, provides a poignant tribute to the morals of equality and tolerance that must be observed by all peoples and nations:
Human beings are limbs of one body indeed;
For, they’re created of the same soul and seed.
When one limb is afflicted with pain,
Other limbs will feel the bane.
He who has no sympathy for human suffering,
Is not worthy of being called a human being.
Translation by Ali Salami

Dr. Mehdi Alavi, President
Peace Worldwide Organization

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Sa'adi, the great thirteenth century Persian poet is painting the interior to our hearts with his words. how very true that "Human beings are limbs of one body indeed". we are all connected, we are all one.

Trump commutes his longtime friend Roger Stone for lying to Congress with witness tampering.

Black lives matter should burn down all libraries historical sites and destroy all historical figures as well as go after the government

Hi the NHL has chosen My friend’s Aunt as one of three finalists for the Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award for building an arena and funding fees for underprivileged minority children. It all comes down to community votes.

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What's interesting about the "virus" is that around forty percent of blacks are HIV positive. So there should be a huge public outcry. A national HIV test and contact tracing. But as you may have noticed: not one word about HIV in the media.

Look at the Google Search Result for "let's test everyone for HIV".

There are almost no search results, because that term has been scrubbed from the net. It's not a conspiracy, it's a deal that the blacks have struck with Washington. You scratch our back, and we'll scratch yours. HIV medicine is worth a fortune to the Mob. So now look at this query: "how much does it cost to treat HIV?" Google won't give you a straight answer.

It costs U.S. taxpayers more than a hundred thousand dollars a year to treat each person who is HIV positive. So half of black America is depending on white America to pay for their life saving medicine. Funny, but black people aren't saying "Thanks." And Africans in Africa aren't saying "Thanks" either. U.S. taxpayers are providing free HIV medicine to about ten million Africans.

We are talking about untold billions in tax-money. Washington can't just give away medicine, and then bill working people for it. That's theft. Nobody has sympathy for a person who gets lung cancer from smoking. But for some reason, blacks are not to be held responsible for thier own actions. What nonsense. Washington D.C. is just a bunch of con-men and thieves. There's no reason for that city to even exist anymore.

How about all the other races that have been harrassed,beaten and killed by police. What about Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian and Native Americans lives matter? If any other race pulled this nonsense they'd be classified as a racist or bigot. With everything going on in the world... find something more constructive to do. How about teaching respect and dignity towards other people no matter who it is. If you don't follow commands from a law enforcement officer or anyone else at this point in time you might get shot. You might want to rethink your mission and change your focus. Good luck.

think for a moment and research the definitions to what racist means. according to dictionary.com ( this is a cut and paste) a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.

when I get called a racist for saying that ALL lives matter by someone who shouts "Black lives matter" at me they can't explain properly why the inclusion of ALL or EVERYONE is being racist when their statement is only including one race...... Black! doesn't that seem like the belief is a foundation for being SUPERIOR?

Because when you respond with "All lives matter" you are essentially dismissing the message. Replace black lives matter with "black people are predominant victims of police brutality in the United States" and now try responding with all lives matter. The movement isn't trying to take away from the fact that all lives matter, its bringing awareness to the fact that important American establishments, such as the justice system, function in such a way that targets African-Americans rather than protect them.

When black people Commit the the majority of crimes, what should the rest of us think. Look at the statistics
Look at the black on black crime... murders...
BLM doesn't want you to think about that though

agree,, Black Lives Matter, Now can you work to stop the Black on Black Violence?

BLM needs to start looking at issues of why there is so much black violent crime. Teach there children to stay out of gangs. Teach them that when a cop says stop, stop! Just like everyone else. Get an education and make something meaningful of there lives like so many proud black people do. Does police violence happen? Of course it does! But all involved need to change their behavior. There are alot of good police officers, and some bad. If more good black people get an education and become a police officer, America would be a better country.

What about all other races? BLM is not implying that we don't matter. In fact I seriously believe BLM are advocating for people of color. The negroes are disproportionately marginalized in the US and other parts of the world. Support BLM you support people of color.

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What the white supremacists are too stupid to realise apparently is that no matter how someone looks on the outside, every single person on the planet is the same on the inside

You really think this organization is for black ppl when I see more white ppl more in every blm match lol WAKE TF UP

To make police accountable for their actions, we must get rid of the unions. I have said this many times and my words have fallen on def ears. Regan fired the traffic controllers and replaced them with military personnel, why can't we replace police with national guards until the force is reformed with police who cares for the public.

What is black lives matter going to do for the Haitian on Texas border? Will speak loudly for these black lives?

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Black lives matter what a bunch of hogwash. Racism affects all kinds of people. You think you had it bad what about the Jews, Women in military, women working for the good old boys and the list goes on and on. It seems that all black people want are freebies. Poor poor black people are so picked on. We should all feel so sorry for them. What a bunch of crap. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and do something to improve your situation like the rest of us have.

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