Violence Against Women is a Global Disgrace

Throughout the world, women are deprived of their human rights. A subject that is very touching and disturbing, yet does not get enough attention is violence against women. As reported at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in 2000, globally, approximately 1 in 3 women and girls has been beaten or sexually abused in her lifetime. This is astonishingly high and is quite disgusting. It is appalling that it has become socially acceptable in many cultures and societies around the world.
In the United States, violence against women is clearly represented and supported through advertisements --- cosmetic ads are the most prevalent type and tend to depict a woman with a bruised eye or facial extremity and stating that the bruise can be covered up by makeup.  Not only do these representations in the media promote violence against women, they also tend to objectify and depict women as a resource of man that can be exploited. In Pakistan, “honor killings” of women were reported to have increased by 25 percent in 2002 (Pakistan Human Rights Commission, 2002). In Canada, 19 percent of all women reported have been beaten within a five year span (Measuring Violence Against Women: Statistical Trends 2006).
As one can see, violence against women is not just prevalent in a single country, but it is rather a global phenomenon.  It is vital that we do not just ignore these atrocities, but rather find an effective way to address the issue head on. Fortunately, there have been slight improvements in legislation to help protect women. On December 14, 2010, the International Violence Against Women Act was passed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee- this act will establish an inclusive five-year strategy to end violence against women and girls around the world. It is only through a group effort that we will be able to protect these women’s rights and one day reach our goal of having a world free from the scourges of violence, oppression, and war.

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Still, there are women who are afraid to speak up. Hope that this act will help them be enlightened.
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police violence in turkey

The resistance that Taksim Gezi Park protestors initiated spread across Turkey. Scores of people have gone out to the streets and support the Taksim Gezi Park protestors.
Police attacks and dententions have been reported from major cities including Ankara, İzmir, Eskişehir, İzmit and Bursa.
"Attacks resume in Eskişehir, injuries reported"

According to the sources from Radikal,, and bianet readers on-field reports, police fired tear gas and water cannons at protestors in Ankara, İzmir and Eskişehir, detaining several demonstrators.
Police violence left several people injured in Ankara. According to, gas bomb shells caused one demonstrator to lose sight in one eye and brain hemorrhage in another. It cited the number of detentions as 45. Despite 2 am local time, the number of people who join the protests are on the rise. Police violence is also on full swing.
Police attacked a group who were marching towards Cumhuriyet Avenue past midnight in Izmir. Several people have also taken the streets in Izmit and Bursa.
A protestor told bianet that police violence resumed towards protesting groups in Eskişehir and caused several injuries. Around 03:50 local time, 5,000 people reportedly assembled in downtown Eskişehir.
Protests spread across several cities

In Zonguldak, police detained a group of protestors from Öğrenci Kolektifi as they flashed a banner that said “Gezi Park is resisting, hail to Taksim” during commencement ceremonies.
In Adana, police attacked on a group from Socialist Re-Foundation Party who were marching towards AKP headquarters. 13 individuals including a reporters have been assaulted and detained.
Other cities that protests were reported included Hopa, Bolu, Hatay, Konya and İzmit.
From Cairo - Egypt ....... To all anti-terrorism and bloody violence ... Information about terrorism in Egypt is now: -
Established a bloody dictator Abdel Fattah Sisi terrorist militias and armed military has trained a group of retired officers and mercenaries of them, for example, the terrorist brigade / Ahmed Ragaee Attia and these militia group Black Block and the rebel group and a battalion rioters had those groups terrorist operations against citizens Egyptians violators them in the political vision and these groups have killed many citizens using live ammunition, Molotov cocktails and knives, swords, and all of those crimes documented sound and image and for the most part shows the full complicity of the army and the police with these terrorists and their support and provide cover for them in order to carry out the killing and slaughter any human being seems to be an islamic appearance or be from the Muslim Brotherhood and regardless of being a boy or girl or man or young or old

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